The dream of every marketer

Why do we do SEO?  Why do we send out emails?  Why do we struggle to get to the first page of Google?  Why do we go crazy about Social Media, Facebook-likes, Twitter-followers, LinkedIn-connections and Google Plus buddies in Circles?

Does it all bring in the money?  The answer is – No!  Does it contribute to bringing in the money? Indeed. All the above-mentioned hype are strategies, tools, and techniques to bring the potential client to the top of the sales funnel. Further massaging can take place from there to convince him to part from with his money in such a way that there are mutual benefit. The whole process is a delicate science of manipulation by means of promises, perks offers, benefit highlights and in some cases even threats: “… if you don’t stop smoking now, you stand a good chance of getting lung cancer …”

What is the right formula to make such massaging a success? The right formula is when you get the money in your pocket and both parties walk away from the deal – happy. Add to this a regular frequency and then we start talking about wealth. We, at Reality Internet Marketing, are lucky to achieve these type of successes quite often – as it is shown in the text message from one of our clients:

How often do you get one of these messages?  How often are you in a position to send one of these messages?  If your frequency of getting and receiving a message like this is not high enough to bring you wealth, then we can help you.

It is every client’s dream to be in a position to send a message like this to his marketer. So, let’s not work too hard on the SEO, emails, Facebooks, Twitters, LinkedIn and our buddies in the Google Circles – but rather focus on the Reality: money in your pocket – or text messages like this from you client.

This is every Marketers Dream!