A position is available for a person in a co-founder role with a share in a start-up food application (software) business. The Market Research is complete and the deck is 90% done – including the business plan. Investors prefer more than one founder before they invest in a start-up.

This is a software application and the Technical Design and Development is under control. Data collection is in progress and 700 vendors are already “loaded”. We target to have 1000 vendors ready before launch.

Your role will be to deliver an input in the human interface (look-and-feel), content & communication flow, social media, and PR. You will be able to do this role comfortably with your existing day-job or current business – before launch.

You will interface with the following:

  1. Business Analyst/Project Manager with strong eCommerce experience,
  2. A development team in the USA of 120 designers/developers – or –
  3. A development team in India with 30 designers/developers,
  4. A strong data scraper/data analyst,
  5. An award-winning photographer/ graphic artist.

If you

  1. are a good communicator,
  2. passionate about food/cooking,
  3. are not under financial pressure,
  4. have a strong social media profile,
  5. preferably English as a native language,
  6. preferably have/had your own business of a kind,
  7. preferably in/around London,

then I would like to hear from you. Please contact me at mariusvdm@realityim.com